Structural Monitoring by Fiber Optic Sensor


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Tools of Condition Monitoring

We utilize fiber optic sensing system in addition to conventional electric sensors as below.

- FOD (Fiber Optical Doppler)
- FBG/WDM (Fiber Bragg Grating with Wavelength Division Multiplexer)
- FBG/OFDR (Fiber Bragg Grating with Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry)
- R-OTDR (Raman Optical Time Domain Reflectometry)
- B-OTDR (Brilloun Optical Time Domain Reflectometry)
- Fabry-Perot
- SOF (Scintillator with Optical Fiber)
- Sensor Network powered by fiber optic

Fiber optic sensors are having advantages as below.

1) Long transmission possible due to less attenuation than electric
2) EMI (electro-magnetic immune)
3) Lightning tough
4) Water tough
5) Explosion-proof

We work as system integrator of fiber optic sensors, that includes designing and installation.