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Technical Information

Scintillator with Optical Fiber (SOF)

Conventionally, there are several methods to detect thermal neutron, such as Geiger-Muller. SOF is utilizing scintillation phenomena to detect thermal neutron which passes through sensor probe, and such scintillated light is led by fiber optic to photo-detector.

Scintillated light is led to photo detector by fiber optic, then converted to electric signal. Electric signal is amplified and discriminated from noise. The number of emitted light is proportional to thermal neutron flux. Boron-doped scintillator is sensitive to thermal neutron and non-doped scintillator is also sensitive to gamma, thus subtractive calculation brings value of thermal neutron flux.

Technical features :

1) Small sensor head (less than 1mm diameter)
2) Signal loss is minimum due to fiber optic transmission
3) Real-time monitoring is possible

Application area :

1) Monitoring post at nuclear industry or survey meter
2) Beam monitor at irradiation from sealed source or accelerator